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How-big-should-my-attic-fan-be, attic vent fans are designed either to fit over a hole cut in your roof or to mount to the inside of a gable vent. to determine what size power vent fan(s) you need for your attic, you first need to know the size of your attic in square feet.. Measure the area of your attic air vents. you need a minimum of 1 square foot of attic air venting for each 750 cfm of air flow. if you need 6,000 cfm of air flow through your house, divide 6,000..., the recent hail storm and replacement of everything that is roof-related has many of us having to deal with attic fans and wondering what it is exactly that these fans.

Askthebuilder.com: an attic fan can help lower excessive attic temperatures. solar attic fans are available, but have limitations. electric powered attic fans are available with thermostats to help conserve energy. wind-powered turbine vents are another option, but require mother nature to supply the power., as you suffer through a summer heat wave, your attic may be the last place on your mind. after all, there’s no way you’d want to climb up there when the stifling heat can reach as high as 150f..

Required venting area. the uniform building code requires that the amount of venting area in the attic be equal to 1/150 of the area of the floor, and in most circumstances it allows a ratio of 1 ...