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How-do-i-remove-sliding-shower-doors, to remove the shower doors the secret is to stand inside of the shower and put on your gloves. these textured gloves allow you to get a nice grip on the glass to help prevent them from being dropped. grab the door closest to you from each end then firmly lift it straight up. the door should lift right off the track.. This post may contain affiliate links. ok can we just talk about sliding shower doors for a second? why do they have to be so disgusting? i’m sure they’re great when they are brand new, but they are absolutely impossible to keep clean after that., community answer lime away, clr or white vinegar. spray your choice on layers of toilet paper or paper towels and stick the paper to the glass. then, spray the paper again and continue spraying for the rest of the day every hour or two..

Don’t eat while you read this. seriously, don’t. this is the story of removing the sliding shower doors in our master bathroom. it was one of those can’t-do-this-soon-enough tasks that was at the top of our list., watch how to remove a glass shower door safely and without breakage from a tub or shower space..

How to fix a sliding shower door guide. when you own a home it’s really fun and exciting to take on huge projects and renovations, but most of home ownership means fixing small annoying things that break and taking care of general upkeep. (a boring yet necessary evil.), sliding glass shower or tub doors overlap each other as they slide, and one will be closer to the inside. lift up on the door until the rollers clear the bottom rail, and pull inward. when the door has cleared the rail, lift up and pull out, the top of the door will come off of the top rail. repeat this process with the remaining door..

Apply caulk softener to the side rails of the door and remove the screws that hold it to the tile (there are usually three screws on each side). after the softener has worked for half an hour, begin removing the caulk using a caulk removal tool and a razor blade holder.