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How-do-slate-roofs-work, working on a slate roof requires delicacy. some roofs have been up for nearly a century and while the stone is still effective, damage is possible. experienced slate installers never walk on a.... On the best functioning slate roofs, the water flows down slope parallel with the length of the shingle to the next lower shingles. in slate roofing, water migration is controlled primarily by the angle of the roof’s slope. the steeper the slope, the less water migration there will be., as with any roofing material, you should factor slate roof pros and cons into your list of considerations when you purchase a home with slate roofing. for starters, you need to consider slate roof life expectancy in relation to the age of the house..

Although most home inspectors will work their entire career without ever inspecting a slate roof, those who are called on to do so have an opportunity to help protect and preserve one of our nation’s most overlooked architectural treasures. many existing slate roofs in the united states are more ..., photo guide to wear indicators on slate roofs photo library of slate roofing materials & slate conditions helps determine the condition of a slate roof and helps estimate its remaining life standards or rules of thumb define worn out slate roofs. examples of worn-out slate roofs - when is it no longer economical to repair a slate roof?.

How to slate a roof - set out a slate roof & bottom row fixmyroof. loading... unsubscribe from fixmyroof? cancel unsubscribe. working... subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 49.8k., the configuration, massing, and style of historic slate roofs are important design elements that should be preserved. in addition, several types of historic detailing were often employed to add visual interest to the roof essentially elevating the roof to the level of an ornamental architectural element..

Slate's reputation for durability is accurate to a point, but even the highest-quality slate fails eventually and must be replaced. a roofing expert can tell you how long each type of slate will ..., to install slate roof tiles correctly, you’ll need to stagger each course so the proper headlap (which should be at least 3 inches for moisture protection) is established. start from the bottom of the roof and work your way up, staggering the joints between courses by a minimum of 1 inches..

Slate tile roofing cost per square is about $6,000 to $8,000 installed, though some estimates are a little more conservative, at anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 per square. that makes for a huge initial investment if you choose slate roofing tile for your home, at least five times that of more conventional materials.