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How-do-you-insulate-an-attic-roof, how to insulate an unfinished attic. when you think of insulation, you may immediately think of your attic—and for good reason. the attic is one of the primary areas of potential heat loss in your home.. It is a dilemma everyone who wants to insulate an unused attic faces: what is the best way to insulate? should it be the floor or the roof? the right answer depends on what you plan to do with the attic space. in order to waste as little energy as possible, you need to keep the protected volume as small as possible., in this video, this old house general contractor tom silva and host kevin o'connor explain how to insulate an attic. steps: 1. while wearing dust mask and gloves, carry r-38 batts of unfaced fiberglass insulation into the attic. 2. lay the batts across the ceiling joists, covering the existing insulation..

This old house general contractor tom silva and host kevin o'connor demonstrate the proper way to insulate an attic. (see below for a shopping list and tools..., in an attic without soffit vents you can add insulation in the corners and the wedges between the slope of the roof and the floor of the attic, which serves as the ceiling for the room below. 1.

Choose your insulationif you're finishing your attic, insulating it to the proper r-value can cause a dramatic loss of headroom if you limit yourself to fiberglass batts. to meet all three goals—insulating your finished attic, ventilating the roof and maximizing headroom—use a combination of dense batt insulation, rigid foam sheeting and air chutes.most codes require a specified minimum ..., grab a tape measure and a flashlight to see what kind of insulation you already have in the attic and how deep it is. then use the numbers in the chart at right to estimate its r-value..

The attic floor, which is the ceiling of the living space below, often already is insulated. if it is, and you plan to provide heating and cooling to the finished attic space, you need to remove ...