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How-do-you-paint-aluminum-awnings, awnings are generally used to provide protection over windows and outside doors. they are also sometimes used to provide cover for decks. awnings are often made out of a metal, including aluminum. because they are outside and exposed to the weather, awnings will occasionally have to be repainted.. One of the most common questions that i get is from people who have had issues when they paint their awning. the normal culprit is either they failed to clean it before they started or they chose the wrong primer., hold your spray can paint about 10 to 14 inches from the awning. spray the awning with a thin coat of paint in long, even strokes. let the paint dry for the stipulated time before you apply another coat. the acrylic paint helps to preserve the shiny look of your aluminum awnings..

My name is christine and i work at the home depot in the paint department. let’s start with question #1. you should use oil- based paint on the aluminum awnings. we carry two brands of oil based paint: glidden and rust-oleum. glidden is labeled as a porch and floor paint, but it can be used anywhere., nothing compares to a fresh coat of paint to restore the worn or tired look of a treasured object. this can be especially true of vinyl awnings, which can suffer the ravages of heat, cold, rain ....

Aerosol spray etch primer for aluminium - chequer plate and defender wing - duration: 10:01. trailerfitter's toolbox videos 25,798 views, for indoor projects, clean the aluminum by hand with a scrub brush and a spray bottle of degreaser. make sure you have proper ventilation to clean and paint the indoor aluminum project. allow the piece to dry thoroughly before beginning the next step. rough job for a fine finish