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How-good-are-flat-roofs, flat roofs are usually found on commercial buildings rather than residential buildings, but this does not mean you cannot have a flat roof.. Types of flat roof coverings. flat roofs can be made of a number of materials of which lead is the longest lasting. other metals can be used and you will often find asphalt or bitumen coverings., homeowners can choose among three kinds of flat roofs, says bruce o'neal, vice president of matthews roofing, which has been keeping chicago's many flat roofs dry since 1934.. pros and cons for flat roof materials . all three types of flat roofing cost $250 to $350 per "square" (100 square feet), but prices vary according to region and size of the roof..

Flat roof: advantages and disadvantages. of all the different roof types for homes and buildings, one of the most controversial is the flat roof. used commonly on large buildings and outbuildings, the flat roof has its own special set of needs and challenges., a flat roof house and winter weather might not seem like an ideal pair. but with preventative care, you can keep your flat roofing without worrying about snow and ice buildup—here's how.. Going back about 120 years, the grandfather of flat roofs is the built-up roof or bur. built-up roofs have solved the low pitch roof problem for ages, a challenge that asphalt shingles could never handle.. built-up roofs are installed using several layers of a special type of roofing felt that has been asphalt impregnated and embedded in bitumen applied with a hot mop., built-up roofing (bur) was the most common type of flat roof before modified bitumen and membrane roofing were developed. bur consists of many layers: a bottom layer or two of insulation board, multiple intermediate layers of tar or asphalt alternated with layers of roofing felt, and a top layer of gravel..

The national federation of roofing contractors ltd is the uk's largest roofing trade association representing over 60% of the roofing industry by value.