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Log-cabin-maintenance, regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces the damage from uv, water, insects and air infiltration. during spring you will want to give specific focus to any water damage to exterior wood from freezing water and snow and then preparing your cabin for higher temperatures during the summer.. Log cabin maintenance is sadly an area which is overlooked by many and can result in disaster! a little routine maintenance will protect your log cabin investment and keep it in tip top condition. wood is a natural material and left unmaintained will undoubtedly deteriorate, given enough time exposed to the elements., log cabin home maintenance is an important part of keeping your place as beautiful as the day it was delivered. if you have any log home maintenance questions or need help tracking down stain to put on your cabin, give us a call at (610) 595-4650..

Like any home, log cabins require maintenance from time to time. regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces potential damage from uv exposure, water, insects and air infiltration. so, we put together a list of some log cabin maintenance tips for cabin owners., what logdoctors teach is "proactive" log home / cabin maintenance. when you notice a change, check it immediately, don't wait! problems with logs, especially decay, can and will multiply exponentially in a very short period of time. maintaining a log home is not difficult as long as it's not ignored..

Unfortunately, proper log cabin maintenance is itself prohibitively expensive. many people who seek the look of a log home without the associated costs turn to trulog siding. maintenance free steel log siding gives homes the appearance of a log home, without the maintenance and costs. for more information about steel log siding, contact trulog., log cabins require yearly maintenance, which isn’t as time-consuming as it sounds when you consider the annual maintenance requirements for the average neighborhood house. home exteriors need an annual sprucing up, such as painting, water gutters, windows, roofing and many other items. a log home is no different..

There are a lot of misconceptions about log home maintenance. we debunk 10 of the most common log myths about maintaining a log home, and share what you need to know instead., maintenance is one of the most overlooked things that we see at the log home doctors while we are out doing annual check ups on log homes and log cabins. many log homes and cabins are neglected. have you ever heard of a friend or family member that just passed away or had a major heart attack or a life threatening disease?.

Our website offers a complete guide of log home care and maintenance process. here you can learn more how to restore, preserve and protect your log home.